Dear friends and fans on Great War Aviation, please let me inform you about a unique decoration for your appartment or workbench.

It is an artistic scaled-down copy of the Heine propeller. The propellers are available in 3 sizes, 80, 100 and 120 cm in diameter. They are laminated
from various sorts of high quality timber, e. g. elm, pine, oak, mahagony and nut tree. This is not a series production, every piece is hand made
maintaining original production procedure, brushed with high quality varnish and hand polished. Every propeller has a metal inlay with 8 screws
allowing the propeller to be hanged on a wall (using special hooks which are part of the product).

The producer is Tomas Clus, an excellent craftsman from a traditional carpenter family and my old friend. Originally he was producing music
instruments, but he had alwas been longing for another occupation. After several years of preparation he started studing Faculty of medicine
3 years ago. He studies with the same enthusiasm he invested into his previous job and there are great chances there will soon be one more
neurosurgeon around. Please keep your fingers crossed for his success.

Propeller production was my idea and this summer we agreed to go for this venture. I would like to emphasize that there is
no provision for Drooling Bulldog.

Currently we have total stock of 7 pcs across sizes, in case of higher demand we will produce higher volumes. Hope you will enjoy this offer!

In case of your interest please contact me via e-mail: