Dear friends and WWI fans,

Drooling Bulldog extends the offer with a new product, tailor made mixed shades on customers' demand.

With this unique service we want to offer all customers, who like using or paints, the possibility to expand
their colour palette with shades we do not have yet in our standard assortment while maintaining
Drooling Bulldog quality and extremely fine pigment.

We are able to mix shades on customers' demand based on a sample sent, paint number in the construction
manual or a photograph of a specific machine (it is necessary to send us a photo). In most cases we will be
able to prepare the shade you need within 10 days, should any unexpected problem appear, we would inform
the customer about the time necessary to seek out and mix the reqested shade.

In case the mixed shade does not meet your expectations
we are able to adjust it to the exact colour you require.



Orders archive

18/12/2015 10:04

Linen edition for Francisco Guedes

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07/08/2015 10:34

AEG C.IV hand pant lozenge for Mark Hamrick

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